GrutBrushes Procreate Unlimited

Includes absolutely every GrutBrushes Procreate brush and more...All the brush sets, all the single brushes, PLUS every new Procreate brush published for the next 12 months. 

collage of Procreate brush strokes

Realistic BRUSHES


Exclusive Sets




Realistic, Organic Procreate Brushes. 

Built With 'Real' Media

These brushes are created with real-world textures, hand sampled and individually mastered for realism. The brushes are designed so that no two strokes will ever be alike.

Procreate Brush Pencil "Middler"

Hand Crafted, Dual Nibs

Each GrutBrush uses hand crafted brush tips, 90% of which are dual-tip brushes which increases both the controlled randomness and textural range of the brush strokes. 

Procreate Impasto Brush "Cliff Quarry"

Pressure Responsive

I take care wherever possible to ensure maximum pressure responsiveness so that one brush can provide many 'looks' depending on how you use your Pencil stylus.

Procreate Brush "Steel Feed"

Mastered in Procreate

Each brush was mastered and tweaked in the Procreate brush engine for Procreate. These are not just mass imported Photoshop ABRs (I'd have a lot more if they were!)

Procreate Watercolour brush "MothWing"

What You Get

You will get links to download all the Procreate Brushsets. Even if you buy a new iPad in the future you can simply log in and download all the BrushSets again. They are yours forever.

Procreate Unlimited Browser 

(12 Months access)

The Procreate brush browser contains live video previews of every single Procreate brush.

This is where you will find new, single brushes that are not part of a set yet.

You can sort or search the lightning fast catalog by category or keyword.

New brushes will appear here first.

All The BrushSets - Own, Download, and Use Forever

12 Months of Updates

You can download any new brushes published in the next 12 months.

Once the year is up, you will need to manually renew, but only if you want to continue to download new brushes. 

The brush sets are yours to download and use forever.

The Brush Sets

18 Realistic Pencils

Includes the best selling GrutBrushes Procreate Pencils set. 

18 diverse Procreate pencils that mimic different hardnesses on different surfaces. Soft 2B to hard mechanical pencils on surfaces from smooth copy paper to rough, handmade watercolour paper.

Impasto Oils

Includes the 36 brush Impasto oil brush set. GrutBrushes Impasto Oils are the only Procreate brushes with simulated impasto oil depth.

The first ever digital Impasto Oil brushes, originally created exclusively for Photoshop, were individually remastered and hand-tweaked to work in the Procreate brush engine. 

Borders and Lines Pattern Brushes

These pattern brushes make great geometric patterns, lines or borders. They follow the direction of your brush stroke and they also respond to the pressure you apply to the Pencil.

Procreate Singles (all brushes not yet in sets)

Any new brushes published go into the main catalog until they become part of a set (if ever). These singles can be downloaded individually in the brush-browser or all together as one single brushset. 

Included in Procreate Unlimited

Included in Procreate Unlimited

Included in Procreate Unlimited

Included in Procreate Unlimited

Procreate Unlimited Brush Browser

Browse, Preview and

Tap to Install

Search or browse the entire collection in the super fast, live brush browser to find the perfect brush for the job. Tap to preview any brush and watch it paint!

When you find one you like, just tap to download and install it into Procreate. 

How It Works

1. After you checkout, you will get a login and password in your email.


2. Login and tap to install the sets you want. Its easy and I show you how in the on page tutorial. 


3. Search the brush browser to preview singles and new brushes. 

Tap to install!  


Need help? Help is just a button away.


Painted with the "Paste Up" watercolour brush

Less Digital, More You

Smart digital tools with human warmth

GrutBrushes pressure responsive natural media brushes are designed to put the warmth of traditional media back into your digital art

Every mark you make with a GrutBrush responds to your unique hand motion and pressure, to leave a bit of you in each brush stroke. No two brush strokes are ever alike. Your brush strokes will be less digital, more you.

GrutBrushes are lovingly made in Toronto, Canada by Nicolai Grut

More than 200,000* people have downloaded GrutBrushes


"Your brushes are amazing, the oils are my favourite so far. the best investment i have made for a long time! Thank you"

Rachel Shepperd


"Yeah,I am already a big fan of your brushes ,and now finally for the iPad....a dream came true."

Ivade Meer


"Best brushes and textures i ever seen. GrutBrushes Photoshop Brushes i use it for one year and its awesome"

Jiří Dantier


"Seriously thank you for this amazing set, I bought it specifically to colour comics, now I use them for everything. Favourites are paste up and mill bits "

Sunny Garcia


"These have changed the way I make digital art. Definitely worth the money."

Tiffany Ard


"I found here the first watercolor brushes that really work for painting and not just for splashing. Thanks, I'm really happy with the set "

Clara Coderch Flò



You will get every single new Procreate brush GrutBrushes publishes in the next 12 months (or forever, if you purchase the Lifetime option)

Frequently Asked Questions


Are these the GrutBrushes Photoshop brushes? Can't I just import those?

A: These are all native Procreate brushes. Some of them have been manually converted from the Photoshop brushes but those have been hand remade in the Procreate brush engine.

I wish I could just import all 800 of my Photoshop ABRs into Procreate but the fact is that most ABRs won't always paint the same in Procreate as they do in Photoshop. Many people believe they do, but that is mostly because they haven't tried them in both apps to compare the details. That is why every Procreate brush is hand tweaked in the native Procreate brush engine. 


How do I install the brushes?

A: After you checkout, you will get a link to download all the brushsets. Tap on the one you want to install and it will download to your iPad. Tap on the downloaded file and it will open and install into Procreate. No Unzipping, no copying to DropBox, just tap to download and install. See how its done in 40 seconds here: 

There is a quick video tutorial and you can always email me if you still get stuck.


What if I don't like them?

A: Just send me an email and I will send you a refund. you shouldn't have to pay for them unless you like them. 


Can I use these in other apps?

A: No, these are Procreate brushes they only work in Procreate. 







Download and use all the brushes forever, plus get every new brush for 12 months.

Get Them Now

If you don't love them, or for any reason whatsoever, you decide you don't want them within the first 30 days, just send me an email and I will refund you. 

- Nicolai

*figure includes ALL formats, not just Procreate

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